Additional Insured Endorsement


Sometimes third parties (cities, counties, rental houses etc.) will ask that you add them to your liability policy through an 'Additional Insured Endorsement'.

This request is different from the standard request to list a third party as 'Additional Insured' on your policy. The primary difference is that adding a certificate holder as 'Additional Insured' will list the third party as additional insured only as respect to claims arising by the policyholder; the additional insured endorsement adds the third party as a policyholder on your policy and grants them full power to submit a claim under your policy.  

You are not able to add a third party to your liability policy through an Additional Insured Endorsement and therefore the liability policy may not work for certain cities, counties and other governmental agencies. Rental houses and location vendors will usually accept being listed as 'Additional Insured' on a certificate of insurance without the endorsement.

To purchase a liability policy or request cancellation for a liability policy you cannot use, log in at and click on your Dashboard.