Our Coverage

At InsureMyEquipment.com, we tailor our coverage to both owners and renters of production equipment. ??

If you are renting gear only, you can apply for our Rented Equipment policy. This policy will satisfy most major rental house's insurance requirements. And, if you have a question about whether it will satisfy your rental house's requirements, just reach out to us. 

Our rented equipment policy is based on replacement cost valuation, does not include an unattended vehicle exclusion, and is considered "all-risk", which is what most major rental houses require. 

After purchasing your policy you can issue a COI to your rental house listing them as Loss Payee. And if they want to also be listed as Additionally Insured, you can apply for a general liability policy too. 

If you own your own gear (and may occasionally rent), you can apply for our Owned Equipment policy. This policy will cover your gear in the event of accidental damage, theft, loss, fire, wind, rain, and most common causes of loss. Coverage applies while the equipment is in use, storage or transit, and applies worldwide! 

While applying for the Owned Equipment policy, you can also add a Rented Equipment limit to cover any gear you plan to rent during your policy term. 

While applying, you'll have the opportunity to add additional coverages, adjust deductibles, and more. 

If you want liability coverage, OR need to list a rental house as additional insured, apply for our General Liability policy. This policy is offered through our trusted partner, Thimble. The coverage can be purchased for as short as a few hours, or as long as necessary. The liability policy comes with a standard $2M General Aggregate Limit, and a $1M Limit Per Occurence. 

After you have purchased your liability policy, you may generate a certificate of insurance listing a rental house company or partner as additional insured

You can also cover crew members with this policy.