Adding a Loss Payee

Adding a Loss Payee

When you rent equipment from a business or individual, they will often as you to list them as Loss Payee. This means that you are required to have your own rented equipment policy to cover their property while in your possession.

You can do this by purchasing a rented equipment policy. After you have purchased your policy, you can generate a certificate of insurance from you dashboard online. 

You will need to provide the business or individual's name, address and email address. Once the certificate is generated, they will be listed as a loss payee. 

Do you already have an Owned Equipment policy with us?

You can add Rented Equipment coverage to your policy through your dashboard. Either click 'Modify Coverage Period and Amount' to rented equipment coverage for the duration of your policy. 

Or, click 'Add Short Term Endorsement' to add rented equipment coverage for a short period of time. 

After you review your quote and complete payment, you will have the ability to generate a certificate of insurance from your dashboard.