Adding a Loss Payee


After purchasing rented equipment coverage you will be able to send a certificate of insurance to your rental house or an individual listing them as "loss payee." You can purchase a stand-alone rented equipment policy, or add rented equipment coverage to your annual owned equipment policy. Your certificate will be delivered by email to your certificate holder, immediately.

Listing an individual or rental house as loss payee means that the insurance carrier will indemnify them in the event that their equipment is lost, stolen or damaged while in your possession. However, they cannot file a claim to recoup losses-- you will have to file the claim if any claim occurrence has occurred.  You can issue as many certificates as you need to during your policy term by utilizing the certificate link in your homepage dashboard at If you really do not want to issue the certificate yourself and request that our staff issue the certificate note that there is a turnaround time of 24 hours and a charge of $30 per certificate.

Note that your total equipment limit must be equal to or more than the total value of equipment you are renting from multiple rental houses at any one time. For example, you are renting $5,000 from Rental House A, $10,000 from Rental House B and $10,000 from Rental House C, you should purchase your rented equipment policy with a limit of $25,000 and issue three certificates to rental houses A, B & C.

If you require further clarification or assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff by emailing us at