Renting Equipment Through ShareGrid 

Are you renting equipment through ShareGrid?

- ShareGrid will ask you to provide proof of coverage before processing your rental. You can provide proof of coverage to them from your dashboard 24/7!

- After you have purchased a policy, go to your Dashboard. 

- Click the link  'Issue a Certificate'

- Select 'Send a Certificate of Insurance to a Rental House Partner' and select ShareGrid from the drop-down menu. Click Continue. 

ShareGrid will receive your certificate of insurance electronically. You do not need to wait for a human to help! 

Are you renting out your owned equipment through ShareGrid?

As an owner/operator, it may be in your best interest to rent your gear out while it's not being used. If you choose to rent your equipment out on ShareGrid, we highly recommend that you add False Pretense coverage to your policy.

False Pretense coverage is available to you while applying for your policy, or from your dashboard at any time. This coverage will come into play if your renter disappears with your gear, or damages it and does not participate in the claim process.

This coverage will give you peace of mind while your gear is out for rent.