Increase Your Coverage Amount


Increasing your policy limit can be done any time at

If you have a short-term rented equipment policy, just log in at and click the link to modify your policy. Your increase will go into effect for the rest of the policy term. Once you have increased your equipment limit, you'll need to submit new certificates of insurance to your rental vendors.

If you have an annual rented equipment policy you can increase your total limit for the remainder of your policy, or you can add a short-term rented equipment endorsement which enables you to increase your limit for a short period of time, be it a weekend or a week.

To increase coverage for your owned equipment policy, just click the link to modify your policy from your dashboard at Remember to schedule any items that are valued above $2,000. You'll only have 90 days from the date you acquire items valued above $2,000 to add them to your policy or coverage won't apply. As an Owned Equipment policyholder you also have the option to add rented equipment coverage for the annual term, or for a short period of time by purchasing a short-term rented equipment endorsement.

Find the link to increase your coverage amount online at through your homepage dashboard.