Add 'Theft from Unlocked Vehicle' Coverage

While applying for a new policy, you will be prompted to select whether or not you will add coverage for Theft from an Unlocked Vehicle

Per the terms of this policy, any theft from a vehicle where no signs of forcible entry are present, is considered theft from an unlocked vehicle. 

For example: You have a keyless entry vehicle and a thief uses a signal mirroring device to unlock your vehicle and remove all of its contents but does not leave any broken glass, pulled door panel, or other sign of forced entry. The insurance carrier may deem this as "Theft from an Unlocked Vehicle" and will decline the claim unless you have coverage for theft from an unlocked vehicle.  

Many rental houses will not release their equipment without this coverage in place. 

We highly recommend adding this coverage to your policy. 

Add 'Coverage for Theft from an Unlocked Vehicle'