Refund Policy

Annual Policies 

Annual policies can be cancelled at any time. However, there may not always be a refund associated with cancellation. 

  • Annual policies have a minimum 'Earned Amount' of $470. This means that $470 from your payment amount is non-refundable after purchase. 
  • If your policy payment exceeded $470, you may be eligible for a premium refund. Based on the date of your cancellation request, we will provide a pro-rated premium refund.
  • If cancellation occurs within 3 months of your original purchase, your refund will be refunded to the credit card used to purchase the policy
  • If cancellation occurs more 3 months after original purchase, the refund will be sent via check to the address on file within 45 calendar days. 

Short-Term Policies 

Please note that not all Short-Term policies are eligible for cancellation/refund. 

If you have purchased a short-term policy and the term has already begun, your policy is not eligible for cancellation or refund.