Decrease Coverage Amount


If you have found that your policy limit is too high and you need to decrease the limit, we'll be happy to help sort it out for you. Here is how to accomplish this in a few different scenarios:
  • If you need to decrease your limit on short or annual term rented equipment policy that has already started, we can help you decrease the limit only if you have not already generated certificates of insurance. 

  • If you have accidentally set your rented equipment limit too high and have already generated certificates of insurance, you will want to purchase a new and correct policy so that your old policy can be cancelled and the certificate holders notified of cancellation. If that's the case, reach out to us at and then proceed with purchase of the new policy while we can cancel the original and incorrect policy purchase. 
    • For example, you have accidentally purchased a 4 day rented equipment policy with a limit of $100,000 instead of $10,000. You had already submitted a certificate of insurance to Rental House A before realizing the error. You are unable to decrease the limit since you have already issued a certificate. Instead, proceed to purchase a new policy with the correct limit of $10,000 and reach out to us at to cancel your incorrectly purchased policy. 

  • If you need to decrease your owned equipment limit, first determine whether any of the equipment you wish to remove from your policy is scheduled (valued above $2K). If you need to remove scheduled items, click the link to edit your scheduled equipment on your Dashboard at The amount by which you decrease your scheduled limit will be added to your unscheduled limit. After you have updated your scheduled equipment list, determine the total amount by which you'll need to decrease your unscheduled limit and email us to decrease your unscheduled limit so we can sort it out and determine whether you're due a refund of premium.
    • For example, your policy has a total limit of $20,000. Your scheduled equipment limit is $5,000 as you have one camera valued at $5,000 and your unscheduled limit is $15,000. Midway through your policy term, you sell your camera valued at $5,000. To decrease your limit correctly, log in at and click the link to Edit Your Scheduled Equipment limit. Remove the item. Your scheduled equipment limit will now be $0 and your unscheduled limit will be $20,000. Now, email us to request that we decrease your total policy limit by $5,000.