Policy Expiration


Your policy will expire at 12:01AM on the expiration date of your policy. You can find your expiration date within by clicking 'Policy Information' in your dashboard at InsureMyEquipment.com.

Because the policy expires shortly after midnight, renters may be required to select an expiration date that is one day after the date that equipment is being returned. If you need to push your expiration date back to add more days of coverage,  click the link to 'Modify Policy' from your dashboard and you'll be able to view a quote for the extension. You can still file a claim after your expiration date, as long as the date of the claim falls within your coverage period.

Up to a few months before expiration of your annual policy, you will find a link to Renew Your Policy on your homepage dashboard. The link will only be accessible up to 7 days after your policy expiration. After that time, you will be required to purchase a new policy instead of renewing a past policy.