The deductible is the amount you, the insured/policyholder, must pay before the insurance carrier will pay a claim. 

If you are filing a claim, your total loss amount must exceed your deductible amount for coverage to apply. 

Your policy deductible applies per claim, not per policy. It is determined by the coverage limit set on your policy and cannot be changed. The deductibles differ slightly for Owned and Rented equipment policies. 

For Owned Equipment policies

For Rented Equipment policies: 

When you're renting equipment, some rental houses may ask to put a hold on your credit card in the amount of the policy deductible. 

There are increased deductibles for theft from any vehicle and international claims. These two deductibles are set at $2,500 and you will be able to change those amounts while applying for a policy, or after policy purchase. 

For Theft from Any Vehicle & International Claims (both Owned and Rented policies): 

** If you do not plan to travel abroad during your policy term, save some premium by increasing your international deductible to $5,000. 

If two deductibles apply, the highest of the two that can, will. For example, you are visiting London for a music video shoot and all of your $20,000 worth of equipment is stolen from your vehicle. Your policy deductible is $500, Your International Deductible is $5,000 and your Theft From Any Vehicle deductible is $2,500. In this case, your international deductible of $5,000 will apply.