Your OWNED EQUIPMENT POLICY LIMIT has two sub-limits: Scheduled and Unscheduled Equipment. This does not apply to Rented Equipment policies. 

Scheduled equipment is considered to be any item you wish to cover that is individually valued above $2,000 and listed on your policy (make, model, serial number & replacement cost). 

Unscheduled equipment is considered to be all items valued below $2,000 that are covered under your unscheduled equipment limit. You are not required to provide any details for unscheduled equipment unless and until you file a claim. 

- For example, you purchase a policy with an overall limit of $50,000. You add two computers to your scheduled equipment list, each valued at $2,500.  Your scheduled limit is $5,000 and your unscheduled limit is $45,000. 

- When you add a scheduled item to your equipment list, its value will be subtracted from your overall equipment limit. 

- Using the example above; 6 months into the policy, you add a scheduled item (Alexa Mini for $35,000). Your new scheduled equipment limit is $40,000 and your unscheduled limit is now $10,000). 

- You have up to 90 days after acquiring a new item valued above $2,000 to list it on your policy as a scheduled item. After those 90 days, you have no coverage for that item unless it's listed on the scheduled equipment list.