When you have purchased an owned equipment policy, 'scheduled equipment' is any item individually valued above $2,000. It is considered scheduled because it must be listed in the scheduled items list on your policy for coverage to apply. The last page of the application will be where you'll add your scheduled items. You'll need to include make, model, serial number and replacement cost for each item. If you purchase a new scheduled item, you will have 90 days to add it to your policy for coverage to apply. You can find a link to edit your scheduled items on your dashboard. When you add a scheduled item to your policy, the value of that item will be deducted from your unscheduled equipment limit. You may then need to increase your total limit if you no longer have adequate coverage. 

Equipment valued below $2,000 would be considered 'unscheduled equipment', and you will not be required to enter any detailed information about those items on your policy. 

When you have purchased a rented equipment policy, you must only schedule an individual rented item valued above $150,000. 

For Example; You own a camera valued at $5,000, a lens valued at $5,000 and several cords, lighting equipment, battery packs, etc, none of which are valued above $2,000, with a sum total of $10,000. 

When you apply for an Owned Equipment policy, you should select a total limit of $20,000. After you have scheduled your camera and lens, your scheduled equipment limit will be $10,00 and your unscheduled equipment limit will be $10,000. 

A few months into your policy term, you purchase a new laptop valued at $3,000. Log in at and add the computer to your scheduled items list. Your scheduled equipment limit will now be $13,000 and your unscheduled equipment limit will be $7,000. Since the unscheduled equipment limit is no longer adequate to cover the rest of your equipment, you will need to click the link to modify your policy so that you can increase your total limit.