Verifying a COI

Verifying a Certificate of Insurance (COI) 

Through, the certificate generation process is automated. This give our clients the power to generate COIs in their own time all from their dashboard online. If a COI is generated and your address or company name is incorrect, your client can simply issue a new COI with the corrected information.

Verifying a Property (Inland Marine) COI 

- The COI should have arrived by email from Custom COIs may also come from our staff. 

- If the client is a first time buyer with us, you will see an indication of that in the body of the email. Refer to our Fraud Prevention Guidelines for first time buyers. 

- After opening the PDF, you should verify your client's information, the policy start and end dates, and the Limit of Insurance (page 2)

- None of our policies include an unattended vehicle exclusion. 

-Some of our policies do not include coverage for theft from an unlocked vehicle. If you see a line in the comments section stating "This policy does not include coverage for theft from an unlocked vehicle", that's your indicator that the coverage is not there. Your clients can add this coverage through their dashboard and generate a new COI. 

- Verify the COI online in your own time using our verification portal Locate the Verification Code on the last page of the COI and type it in. If the COI pops up in your browser, the policy is active and the COI is valid.