Certificate Verification


Are you a rental house agent or individual looking to verify a certificate that has been submitted to you by a renter? Use our instant verification platform, InsureMyEquipment.com/VerifyCertificate. Look for the unique code on the last page of your certificate and type that code in online to check whether the certificate is valid. If it is, you'll see a duplicate pop up in your web browser and you can rest assured. If it is not, you'll see an error message and you should not release equipment to the customer who submitted that certificate to you. If you find a certificate that does not verify online, please let us know as we would be required to further investigate any potentially doctored certificates.

If you are interested in finding out what coverage applies, including equipment limits, deductibles and whether there is a locked vehicle exclusion, look at the second page of the certificate. If you simply want more information on the policyholder or have additional questions, please reach out to us at InsureMyEquipment@Heffins.com and attach a copy of the certificate or include the policy number.