Policies We Offer

Through InsureMyEquipment.com you can purchase policies designed for the entertainment industry. Our policies are available for  online 24/7. Complete your application, review your quote and purchase coverage all in a few moments. 

Rented Equipment Policy 

If you are renting equipment only, and need to provide a COI to your rental house, apply for a 'Rented Equipment' policy. The policy will meet the requirements of most rental houses. 

Owned Equipment Policy 

If you own your gear (or are financing), apply for an 'Owned Equipment' policy.  You may also add 'Rented Equipment' coverage to this policy. 

General Liability Policy 

To obtain general liability coverage and add a rental house as additional insured, apply for a General Liability policy. This policy is offered through our trusted partner, Thimble. The coverage can be purchased for as short as a few hours, or as long as necessary. 

Musical Instrument  Policy 

To insure musical equipment and sound recording equipment, apply for a 'Musical Instrument' policy.