Theft From An Unlocked Vehicle

Let's face it-- leaving expensive production equipment in an unlocked vehicle is not the best idea! Policyholders are discouraged from leaving equipment they own or have rented in an unlocked vehicle.

Your policy does not include coverage for theft from an unlocked vehicle unless you elect to add the coverage while applying for a policy, or after you have purchased your policy**. It literally says: "We [the insurance carrier] will not pay for loss or damage caused by or resulting from any vehicle unless at the time of theft its windows, doors and compartments were closed and locked and there are visible signs that the theft was the result of forced entry."

After you have added coverage for theft from an unlocked vehicle, any certificates of insurance generated will specify that the coverage exists. This is important because many rental houses will require that your policy have coverage for theft from unlocked vehicles. Your policy already includes coverage for theft from unattended vehicles.

If you are an annual owned or rented equipment policyholder and you did not add the coverage while applying for your policy, you can add the coverage from your dashboard at by clicking the link to modify your policy from your Dashboard. 

**At this time, short-term rented equipment policyholders cannot add coverage for theft from an unlocked vehicle after they have already purchased their policy. They must reach out to us if they were not able to add the coverage when the policy was purchased.