Common Questions

Can I add non-owned/hired auto coverage? Can I cover borrowed equipment? Can I cover leased or financed equipment? Can I cover my drone? Can I get 'Worker's Comp' through Can I get coverage for more than $750K? Can I get vehicle coverage? Can I have a copy of my policy? Can I have my 'Loss Run' document? Can I rent from a rental house outside of the United States? Can I rent from multiple rental houses using the same policy? Can I rent from someone in another state? Do I have to store my equipment at my home address? Do I qualify for a policy? Which policy is right for me? Does collect, share or sell my information? Does this policy have an 'Unattended Vehicle Exclusion'? Does this policy have international coverage? How can I get General Liability coverage in New York? How do I get help with my General Liability policy? Is equipment covered while being shipped with UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.? Is equipment covered while in a checked or carry-on bag with an airline? Is my equipment covered while I rent it out to others? Should I buy both 'Owned' and 'Rented' equipment policies? What does the policy cover? What if a Rental House is not accepting my COI? What type of equipment can be covered?